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    Mike Pal Auer
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    University Degree
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    11-20 years
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    Available to begin working ASAP.
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    2020-01-22 20:00
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My name is Mike Pal, I am a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer with dance pedagogue diploma from Hungarian Dance Academy with Bachelor degree ( I\'ve been teaching modern ballroom dance and some fashion dance styles (hip hop, poppin\', street jazz, etc.) too in Middle Europe, Germany, Belgium, Austria, United States, Canada, Dominican Republic and the Republic of China.

My father, Pal Auer was a dance teacher too, his name sounded more and more familiar in the world of dance, from 1984 until his death he had been the member of the National Association of Hungarian Dance Teachers leadership.

I have also completed the basic, intermediate and advanced courses in jazz dance, ballroom dances, Argentine tango, boogie woogie, salsa, hip hop styles and many others.

I started to show up in competitions and shows I started to love the stage, the dance and finally I found the most beautiful part:
the teaching.

I am looking for a school who would like to work with me.

I am familiar with teaching young kids and beginners but I have experience to help to improve professional dancers too.
I am a person who has never smoked, does not drink alcohol, and does everything in order to be a good role model for my students.
I know that this kind of job is life consuming, but I have lived for it before and I want to continue doing it until I am alive, even in my next life.

If you are interested to have interview with me, please let me know.

Mike Pal Auer

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